How do you feel about wearing a bikini? Does it feel you with dread? Perhaps you feel you have gone past the point of wearing a two piece? Or, are you a throw caution to the wind kinda gal and believe “Who Cares, I Look Fabulous?”

Stretch Marks, Wobbly Bits And More

Over the age of 40, our perception of our body changes. Perhaps its years of being fed the same tagline, picture or article

“Young Girls Look Great In Bikinis, Older Ladies Don’t”

Think about it, how many pictures have you seen with young girls frolicking on the beach, in comparison to more mature ladies? The only person that pops into my mind is Helen Mirren? And look at the stir that picture caused?

“Wow, she’s wearing a bikini” cited one high profile newspaper “oh my goodness she looks amazing at…” said another. Would the response be quite so dramatic with a picture of a 20-year-old  “Wow, she’s wearing a bikini, oh my goodness she looks amazing at 25” I don’t think so?

And what was it that caused such a response, the bikini or the age of the woman wearing the bikini. Are we lead to believe that it’s not acceptable to wear a bikini over the age of 40 or 50? with our stretch marks and wobbly bits on a show? Do you think society is suffering from a Mid Life Bikini Crisis?

Wearing A Bikini Over 50

Upon packing for a recent family holiday, I found myself subconsciously reaching for a one-piece swimming costume, completely ignoring my two piece bikini. How did I feel about wearing a bikini now I was over 50. I wasn’t sure.

I was fortunate enough to have some gorgeous and very flattering bikini pictures done recently for the launch of my brand new Health And Fitness Plan. But let me tell you, wearing a bikini for a moment in time for a photograph is a lot different than wearing one in public, in harsh sunlight which highlights every bump and mark.

My immediate reaction on picking up my two piece was “Oh I wore that bikini when I was in my 20s, it won’t fit me now. It’s far from skimpy. I can’t wear that?” But what was making me think that? I am a mum of a 6-year-old and I know that my body had changed since giving birth. But still?

Not So Perky

My body had changed, it’s not the same body I had when I was in my 20s, not so perky, but then again I’m not the same person I was back then either. And if I recall I still felt a little self-conscious in my 20s on that first bikini reveal on holiday. So did it really matter if I wore a bikini?

Body image

Being a woman of a certain age, I am acutely aware of how challenging it is to stay in Bikini shape. It’s not easy, particularly over the age of 40. This age bracket brings up lots of unexpected issues that we have to deal with – bloating, weight gain, pre/postmenopausal symptoms, aches and pains, and post-baby bodies.

Even though my job is about helping people get into the best possible shape they can be. I’m still conscious of how I look and how I feel. So what do I? I work out. I work out a lot. Even though I don’t always feel like it, I still work out.

I often tell my clients, and myself come to that “You’re never going to regret adding in a workout but you will almost always regret skipping one” Its so true. So I put the effort in.

Age Appropriate?

Part of the reason I work out is my job but the other part, the larger part, is about how I feel. I still want to look good and feel good. I don’t buy the “You should wear age appropriate clothes over the age of 40” tag. Or the “Oh well I’m over 40 now does it matter?” Yes, it does. I truly believe you can look fabulous at any age.

I also try to maintain a healthy diet, but I also enjoy eating cake and drinking glasses of bubbly with my friends on a night out – Everything in moderation is my motto. I have passed that same thought on to every person I have ever trained. It is the same thought that sowed the seed for my new 404040 Health And Fitness

Ahh To Be 20 Again

Let’s be honest. We are constantly bombarded with celebrities wearing skimpy bikinis on holiday and our minds immediately think “I don’t look like that, I can’t wear that” and the immortal “Ahh to be 20 again” Is it that thought evidently that leads us to the unconscious grabbing of a one-piece swimsuit over a bikini? Does the one piece make us feel safer and more accepted in society.

Not For Me Thanks

I don’t believe age is the full reason for our decision making, but it is a big part of it. I have a friend who is over 40 and who is thin, but she would not dream of wearing a bikini, “It’s just not me. I don’t feel comfortable?” Whereas another friend who is 29 and a healthy size 14 loves wearing her bikini. “I don’t care. I look great.”

I think a lot of what we perceive is right or wrong is not always the case. So what if we are over 40 or 50? Does that mean we can’t wear a flattering two-piece anymore? And if so, who says so?

Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about reality. We all have dimples, marks, wobbly bits. ALL OF US. But for some reason, we still have the perception that Bikinis are for younger women?

Shouldn’t our uniqueness be celebrated – Our wobbles and bumps and bits and pieces. Our mummy tummies. They are a part of us now.

So I am going to pop on my Pink bikini. Yes, it’s Pink. And be proud that I am healthy and I am over 50 and I am wearing a bikini. Okay, It’s not as high cut or skimpy as my old bikini, but its flattering.

I am not perfect but neither is anyone else on this beach. If its good enough for Helen Mirren Its good enough for me, I think.





Do you still wear a bikini? Let me know how you feel. Don’t forget to check out my brand new Health And Fitness Plan designed for people over the over of 40.

About Niki Wibrow

Niki is a fitness, health, and yoga expert specializing in helping ladies over 40 look and feel great through innovative and personalized exercise plans. Niki is a regular contributor to many TV and Radio shows and has worked with major brands such as Netflix and Matalan launching unique workout programmes. Her celebrity workout DVD’s have sold in excess of 500,000 copies.

    10 replies to "Midlife Bikini Crisis"

    • Alyssa Heberlig

      This is a good body positivity post. Even at 21 years old I have noticed body changes such as weight gain. It can be a little frustrating when you see these changes, but we have to remember we are all beautiful as we are.

      • Niki Wibrow

        Thank you Alyssa. And absolutely, irrespective of our age every woman is beautiful in her own unique style.

    • Mag

      I have that internal debate every summer now that 40 and even 50 is in the rear view mirror! If you’re comfortable, wear it, right?

    • Sundeep Bhatia

      Thanks for sharing this. Very few people written about this.

      • Niki Wibrow

        You are so welcome. And yes, we need to speak out more about this.

    • Niki Wibrow

      Absolutely Mag. Yes, I hear that. Every summer we have the same internal debate. We should take that internal debate and turn it into “I am still fabulous, and I can wear what I want”

    • Matthew

      Great read. The article really made me understand the perspective of someone in this position. I hope anyone reading this, feels empowered to be comfortable by who they are, and enjoy life no matter your age.

      • Niki Wibrow

        Thank you Matthew. I am pleased you enjoyed the blog.

    • Mandy Allen

      I don’t think it’s age either, but a lot of how our bodies change comes with age (although admittedly a lot is from eating!). I found my body changed exponentially after an operation and have never felt confident after that, but also being in my fifties now means that it has taken on a different shape naturally. I do think the media has a lot to answer for though.

      Enjoy the journey!


      • Niki Wibrow

        Hello Mandy. Thank you for reaching out. I absolutely agree, our bodies can change so much. And yes the media has much to answer for. Have a great day.

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