There is so much information floating around about fitness and losing weight that it’s sometimes tricky to discern fact from myth. Unfortunately, some myths are so deep routed we truly believe them.

Here are some of the most strongly held myths. See if they resonate with you?

Too Old To Start An Exercise Regime

Who actually said this? And do you believe it? Recent research actually suggests that you are never too old to start an exercise regime. You can make a difference in how your body looks and feels, at any stage in your life

Your Muscles Will Turn Into Fat If You Stop Working Out?

Have you heard this one? It is a popular belief. But remember muscle and fat are two different things – they do not convert to one another.

Yes, if a muscle isn’t used is will become smaller and your body fat will probably rise, depending on your diet. But that doesn’t mean your muscle will turn to fat.


No pain, No gain.

This is a particular favourite of mine. Whilst I applaud challenging workouts there’s absolutely no need to over-do it? And there is no study done that agrees with this statement.

If we expose the body to high intensity ‘no pain no gain” type of exercises we are also exposing ourselves to strains, tears and a build-up of tension.

Instead, aim for exercises that challenge the body in a safe way.

You Can Spot Reduce

This is quite a long-held belief but unfortunately, it’s not true. Exercise will help to sculpt the body but doing sit-ups alone will not tone the abs?

To truly make a difference to a particular area of the body you need a combination of exercises that target the body as a whole.

Duration Over Intensity

A new study by JAHA (Journal of the American heart association) states that doing short bursts of exercise can be just as effective as longer workouts.

Splitting your workouts into manageable chunks is just as effective as longer workouts. Any physical activity will have an impact on your body.


If you’re not sweating you’re not working hard enough?

That completely depends upon the workout you are doing? For instance, if you are doing a Yoga or Pilates class you are not going to sweat as much as doing a Zumba class? But does that mean that the body is not working hard?

It depends on the focus of your workout. Keep in mind also that some of us naturally sweat more than others.





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