I know, you’ve probably put on a few pounds during lockdown – who hasn’t? And the stomach area has felt the full effects?

How do we start to exercise again, how do we make a difference to the core area? Many of us are still trying to do some exercise at home, with gyms still not opened for the foreseeable. So how do we keep our core strong without resorting to drastic measures?

Here are my top 5 ab exercises to try. Remember to check your diet and drink plenty of water.


Low Plank Lifts

These are great for stabilising the back. They also help to strengthen and shape the core. Keep your spine long and tummy engaged. Push into your elbows and look towards your hands




Bicycle Rides

These are fantastic for shaping the side core – waistline. Make sure you fully engage from the waistline. Keep the elbows back and lead with the shoulder

Your core muscles are made up of many muscles – it’s not just one. There’s the rectus abdominals (those are the ones that we all know) transverse abdominals (these lay deep in the stomach area) erector spinae (a set of muscles in your lower back) and obliques



Balance Work

Did you know the core is worked in almost everything we do, we are just not aware of it. Balance work is fantastic for strengthening the core.

Boat pose is a great place to start. Don’t worry if you can’t straighten the legs, start slowly and progress when you feel stronger. Don’t lean back, try to fully engage the core



Deep Down

It’s so important to try and target the transverse abdominals (these lay deep in the abdominal wall) hard to target but so worth it. This exercise – reverse beetle – is great. Plus you also get the added advantage of working the shoulders and thighs too, win win.

Round the spine and push into your hands, pull in through your belly button and hover your knees just about the ground.



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