As our gyms and fitness centers begin to close down and we go into lockdown. How do we keep our body active during this very challenging time

Finding the motivation to workout at home isnt easy. Particularly if you live in a small space, you’re working from home and trying to home-school the kids. This all adds up to a logistical nightmare.

It’s essential though, that we keep the body moving. If you’re struggling to stay fit during isolation?  I hope these tips help


Fresh Air

It’s one of the things we need, almost crave during isolation. However, if you are unable to go outside, or you don’t have the luxury of a garden. Try Opening a window and exercise in front of it. The fresh air combined with physical movement will blow away the stress cobwebs. Your mind will be clearer and your body healthier.

Be Creative

Try getting creative with what you can do at home. Use your sofa as an incline press up. Use a dining chair as a step up. And use your stairs (if you have them) as your cardio blast. Create your own at-home gym

Don’t Over Complicate Things

Keep your workouts simple, easy to follow, but stay consistent. Get the whole family involved. Don’t focus on what you cant do, focus on what you can do. Don’t over complicate your exercises. Staying active is the main thing.

Live Streaming

Many fitness professionals are offering FREE live streaming services where you can join them for an online PT session, or group fitness, yoga classes  -I am now offering daily workouts through my Instagram Stories and Facebook

Dust-Off The DVD

The trusty workout DVD. We all have our favourite one – I use to love Jane Fondas back in the day. It’s time to dust them off and put them on.

Keep Moving

Every day try and do something. Be active, move your body – walk the dog. dance with the kids, workout online, use the stairs, practice some yoga, stretch the body. Keeping active is vital for a healthy mind and body






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