How do you ensure weight loss? Is there a magic pill, an ingredient that we can take that will help to lose weight fast?

Unfortunately not. The key to a sustainable weight loss program is realistic goals. Rather than focusing on magic solutions, extreme detox diets. Place your focus on changing unhealthy habits.

Here are my top 5 weight loss tips. I hope they help you to achieve your goals


Detox Your Fridge

Today, take a look inside your fridge, really look. Be brutal, take out anything that is unhealthy, that contains high volumes of sugar or fat and stock up on impulse foods – fresh fruits (apples, oranges, grapes) veggies (sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers) homemade dips, and bio yogurts.

Be Realistic

“Lose 10lb in 10 days” Big weight loss headlines like this are misleading and absolutely not sustainable or achievable. Instead Aim for 1, 2 pounds weight loss each week.

That might seem like a small amount, but losing weight at a slow steady pace is the best way to maintain your weight loss.



Set Your Motivation

What is your motivation to lose weight? Is it for a special occasion, a summer holiday or just to fit into your skinny jeans? Whatever the motivation make it visual. Pop up a picture of you looking great on your fridge. Take your jeans out the closet and hang them up where you can see them – a constant reminder of why you are trying to lose weight.


Move It

Research upon research has shown that people that do physical exercise are more inclined to lose weight and to keep weight off than those that don’t.

Start slowly, aim for 10 minutes 4 times a week (for the first week) then increase the time you exercise, 20 minutes 4 times a week.


Drink Up

So many of us mistake hunger for thirst. Topping up your water intake can help you on the road to weight loss.

If you find drinking plain water a challenge, and many of us do, why not try herbal teas or unsweetened fresh juices mixed with water instead.




About Niki Wibrow

Niki is the creator of the  which specializes in helping ladies over 40 look and feel great through innovative and personalized exercise plans. Niki is a regular contributor to many TV and Radio shows and has worked with major brands such as Netflix and Matalan launching unique workout programs. Her celebrity workout DVD’s have sold in excess of 500,000 copies.

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