Let’s face it. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an expanding waistline?

How many times have you changed into your PJ’S (actually I wear mine most of Christmas day anyway) slumped down on to the settee, looked down at your expanding waistline and thought?

Arghh I cannot eat another thing, I can’t move?

But all is not lost, there is hope on the expanding tummy horizon.  Did you know? Just a little movement through the day can really help to ease that horrid bloated feeling we all suffer from.

It can also release pent up stress and tension in the mind too. Something that so many of us experience at this time of year.

Here are my top three exercises that will help you this Christmas period


There is nothing nicer than wrapping up warm and heading out the door on Christmas Day. Grab the whole family and go for a wander outside. The combination of fresh air and movement will really help to ease that bloated feeling.


Try a few rounds of sun salutations – why not get the family involved with a quick run-through of some of your favourite yoga moves? The kids will love it too. Follow it a festive Christmas Happy Baby Pose


Get the body moving, the heart pumping with some fun energetic dance moves, accompanied by your favourite chart-toppers, is a fantastic combination that will help to boost your energy and release stress and tension (great for easy that horrid bloating feeling too)

And lastly, If all else fails, there’s always tomorrow……




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Niki is a Health, Fitness, Lifestyle Influencer specialising in helping ladies post 40. In addition to founding the award-winning 404040 Plan, Niki has become a well recognised face within the fitness, wellness industries. She is a regular contributor to many TV and radio shows, and has worked with major brands such as Netflix, Matalan, Fabletics And This Works.

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