I know, at times it seems almost impossible to fit yet another to-do into an already busy schedule – you have the kids to take care of. You have too many hours at work to complete, you need to look after the house, and the list invariable goes on.  When our life gets hectic, our fitness regime seems to be the first thing that tumbles down our to-do list.

In an ideal world, we would all have an hour every day to workout. But unfortunately, that’s just not doable.

As a busy working mum, I know how challenging it can be to fit a regular fitness regime into an ever-growing list of things to do.  Sometimes though a lack of time is actually a lack of motivation to just get going.

Thankfully there are things that you can do to incorporate exercise into your life. Below are my top tips that can help to fit exercise into your schedule, no matter how busy you are.


Subdivide Your Workouts

Rather than thinking of your workouts as one long period of time. Divide them into short, manageable segments. This is one of the easiest routes to take when trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule.

We all have control over our calendar? Find a time when you are doing tasks that you could easily rearrange, perhaps when you sit down to scroll through your phone or make a phone call, or answer emails. We tend to do these at least twice daily.

Once you have found that pocket of time, mark it in your diary like you would anything else.

Once you’ve located that time, choose 8 of your favorite exercises – squats, lunges, low planks, push-ups are all effective. And repeat them individually for 30 seconds on 20 seconds rest. Press play on your favorite tracklist and do as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes. This can add up to an effective workout.


Make Your Home Your Gym 

At home workouts are a fantastic time saver. Most of the women I have trained prefer to workout at home and they have all achieved amazing results doing so.

Working out at home saves you the hassle of getting changed – you can work out in your PJs – Driving to the gym, showering, driving home, this can eat into your schedule.

Plus you don’t need special fitness equipment, you can use some of the stable furniture we all have at home – dining room chairs make great platforms for triceps dips, press up. Settees can turn into benches for planks and squats and the stairs become an effective cardio route. You will be surprised at the range of exercises you can do at home.

Creating an at-home gym can effectively tone and strengthen the body without you having to leave the house.


Pick Something You Enjoy

Running is a great form of exercise but it’s not for everyone. The gym can be an effective arena to work out in, but it’s not suitable for every personality. Going with the latest trend or following what you think you should be doing is never sustainable. Just because your friend goes to Zumba doesn’t mean you have to.

Part of the reason working out falls down our list of priorities is we haven’t found a workout that is suitable for us. We are walking someone else’s fitness path, no wonder over 80% of people drop their fitness regime in the first month.

If you dread your workouts, you will do anything to bump them down your to-do list.

Start to think about your lifestyle, what do you enjoy – outdoor pursuits? competitive sports? dancing? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different workouts.

Once you find your fitness persona your mindset will adjust and fitting a regime into your schedule won’t feel so challenging. An enjoyable pursuit is a sustainable pursuit.


Press Play

We are fortunate that we live in a time when online workouts are plentiful and readily available at any time of the day or night.  You can step into a fitness studio without leaving your home.

Plus they allow you to stop and start your routines in real time.

You can choose the workout you enjoy, the time you are able to commit to, the teaching style you respond to and you’re ready to go. You only need to clear a space and start moving. You are effectively creating your own bespoke workout.

They also enable you to adjust your workout in an instance to match your mood – feeling stressed go for a cardio hit to release endorphins. Shoulders and lower back bothering you, release that tension with some yoga moves or tone up those abs with a core workout.









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Niki is the creator of the https://www.404040plan.co.uk  which specializes in helping ladies over 40 look and feel great through innovative and personalized exercise plans. Niki is a regular contributor to many TV and Radio shows and has worked with major brands such as Netflix and Matalan launching unique workout programmes. Her celebrity workout DVD’s have sold in excess of 500,000 copies.

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