My Top 5 Things To Let Go Of In Your Forties

When we get to forty we definitely start to look at our life a little differently.  Because this is the perfect time to let go of the stuff that has been holding us back in our twenties.

But, if we really want to forge ahead and make a difference beyond our forties what should we be letting go of?

Here are my top 5 tips of stuff to let go of in your forties.


In our youth we were striving for perfection, the perfect dress, the perfect haircut, the perfect complexion the perfect body (or what we perceived as the perfect body) As we hit our forties we begin to realize that perfection is subjective, it doesn’t exist. What we perceive as perfection is just someone else point of view – If only we could have told our twenty-something self that.


The Inner Critic

In our twenties we were hard on ourselves, we strove to become someone we thought we should be, what we thought we should look like. We were self-critical, we were never fully happy with who we were or how we looked.

In our forties, we have learned to let go of that destructive thought process. We know who we are, we are more accepting of who we are. And we have finally started to ignore that inner critic.


Taking Things Personally

Who cares what someone else thinks about us, what we think about our self is what is important. Our younger self would ponder, pontificate over the smallest of things, our forty-something self couldn’t care less.

Neglecting Our Health

Your health is everything. We start to realize that in our forties, Looking after your body should be at the top of your priority list. If you want to feel and look good we need to look after yourselves through Healthy Eating And Exercise, Its a necessity as we age

Feeling Envious Of Others

In our forties, we have learned to celebrate the success of others. Feeling envious of another’s success is more to do with how we measure ourselves. We all have our own path to lead, our own journey to take.

Feeling Ungrateful

An attitude of gratitude (from the wonderful book The Secret sums it up perfectly). How can we be successful and happy if we aren’t grateful for all that life has to offer?

To live with an attitude of gratitude can be challenging.  However, As we age we naturally start to feel thankful for what we already have now, in all areas of our life.




About Niki Wibrow

Niki is the creator of the which specializes in helping ladies over 40 look and feel great through innovative and personalized exercise plans. Niki is a regular contributor to many TV and Radio shows and has worked with major brands such as Netflix and Matalan launching unique workout programmes. Her celebrity workout DVD’s have sold in excess of 500,000 copies.




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