Turning 40 is normally the time we start to think more about our health. Its also the time we tend to put on a few extra pounds, feel the effects of our youth and begin to notice changes in our body.

It is also the time where we are juggling work commitments, ageing parents and parenthood. It can be a minefield.

It’s vital that we invest in our wellbeing. That we take care of us ourselves. Read my top 5 tips to maximise your wellbeing after 40.


Okay, I know this might seem obvious. But unfortunately, as we hit our forties and beyond our quality of sleep decreases dramatically. Taking steps to ensure we are getting enough zzzzs is vital.

Try to decrease your intake of caffeine, particularly after 8 pm. And make your bedroom a haven for peace and tranquility. Switch off your phone an hour before bedtime and declutter the day’s mind debris by making a to-do list.

Avoid Short Cuts

Supplements are great but they are not always the answer to a healthy diet. To make sure you are getting the correct nutrients, eat real food to stay healthy.  Choose a diet rich in plant-based foods, lean meats, and whole grains – Check out my top 10 free weight loss tips Weight Loss Tips

Keep Your Gut Healthy

Post 40 our digestive system begins to slow down and we start to become more bloated and sluggish. The healthy bacteria found in Live Yoghurt is a great way to make sure we are keeping our gut in good shape.


Find a way to unwind, to relax, to switch off. Life can be hectic post 40. It’s important to press the pause switch of life.  Do something that takes your mind off work, kids and responsibilities – read a great book, go see a movie, take a long slow walk, meditate for 5 minutes. Find what works for you.

Wear SPF

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature aging. It’s vital, therefore, post 40 that we take extra care to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Wear a foundation or skin care product with at least SPF 15 – in the summer SPF20/30. And don’t forget to look after the vulnerable areas of your body too – hands and decolletage



I hope these tips help.  And don’t forget there are 3 ways I can help you to become fit and strong in your forties and beyond.

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