Do you sit for long periods of time hunched over a desk or a device? Or do you spend most of your day picking up and carrying small children? Unfortunately, neither is conducive to a healthy, pain-free lower back.

I am sure most of us fall into at least one of these categories  Lower back tension is not fun, in fact, it can be debilitating. But it’s very common. Over 80% of the population suffer from stiffness or pain in the lower back area.  The good news is that stretching can help to alleviate the tension that most of the feel at some stage in our life

Poor posture is also a contributing factor to back discomfort. Correcting your posture can make a big difference in the spinal area.

Try my top stretches that will help to ease lower back pain and create a strong healthy spine.


Double Legged Forward Fold

This is a great stretch to strengthen the lower back and ease tight hamstrings.

  1. Sit with both legs extended forward. Keep the back of the knees to the ground.
  2. Keep the toes pointing to the ceiling.
  3. Hinge forward from the hips
  4. Exhale as you ease into the stretch
  5. Try not to overarch the back.


Downward Dog

This is a fantastic back strengthening exercise. It helps to elongate the thighs and stretch the entire spine. Start by kneeling on your mat.

  1. Curl your toes underneath you. Push through your hands and gently lift your hips up to the ceiling
  2. Spread your fingers and gently drop the head
  3. Breath deeply and sink the shoulders into their sockets
  4. Lift tall from the lower back and gently ease the heels towards the ground (creating an inverted V with the body)


Lower Back Stretch

This is a lovely stretch to do if you sit at a desk for long periods of time. Start by laying on the ground.

  1. Gently drawn both knees into your chest. Rest your hands onto your shins or underneath your thighs
  2. Make sure your lower back remains in contact with the mat
  3. Breath Deeply and easy your thighs towards your chest as far as is comfortable


Plank Position

Strengthening the core is essential to a strong spine. Plank pose is not only a great back strengthening exercise, but it also helps to target the core

  1. Lying on your stomach. Tuck your toes underneath you and gently lift yourself up onto your elbows.
  2. Keep the legs straight, lift the backs of the knees lifting upwards towards the ceiling.
  3. Don’t slouch. Keep your shoulders and core engaged.


Regular stretching has so many benefits for the body, including releasing tension, tightness. Try to make sure to incorporate a regular stretch routine into your workouts.





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