Is it just me or is the festive season a whirl of activities, an endless round of parties, last-minute work commitments and frantic Christmas shopping, not to mention the catch up with friends and family gatherings.

Is it any wonder that the effects of this non-stop to do list begin to take their toll on our emotions, on our skin, and in our body.

Trying to fit everything in, plus the natural tendency to indulge in almost everything on offer, including our favourite tipple or 7. Is just too much.

Don’t despair, just a few small adjustments through the festive build-up can make such a difference to how we look and more importantly how we feel around the Christmas period

Stay Hydrated

It’s so easy to indulge in everything on offer around Christmas. The top culprits, however, tend to be foods high in salt and sugar. Plus the inevitable consumption or over-consumption of alcohol.

An excess of alcohol and salt can leave the stomach bloated, the head aching and the body dehydrated. To counter these effects, try to drink plenty of water or water-based drinks – Coconut water, herbal drinks, before and after your indulgences.

If you really can’t stomach plain water -many of us struggle to consume the recommended intake. Try increasing your intake of water-based fruits and veggies – watermelon, apples, cabbage, grapefruit, strawberries, pineapples. celery and green peppers in the build-up to Christmas. This will help to keep your hydration levels topped up.

Stay Healthy

Keeping your diet balanced will really help to ward off those nasty winter bugs which tend to multiply when we’re stressed. It can also help to keep the skin healthy (so many of us suffer from breakouts around the party season) and our energy levels high.

Fill up your plate with colorful antioxidant-rich foods, including lots of fruits and veggies.

If you can, Invest in a good probiotic which will give the body a much-needed boost. It will also help to keep your gut functioning properly.


When the body is tired and stressed one of the first things that are affected are our sleep patterns. Alcohol, in particular, acts as a stimulant and can stop us from getting a good nights sleep or interrupts our pattern of sleep.

That lack of good quality sleep leads to tiredness, irritability and mood swings. The more tired we feel the more likely we are to consume unhealthy foods, the more unhealthy food we consume the worst we feel. It’s therefore essential to get enough sleep.

At least once a week go to bed early. Turn off your phone, grab a hot drink your favorite mag and climb between the sheets.

Stay Active

Even though we are all super busy at this time of the year. Carving out some time to exercise is a must.

It can help to lessen your appetite for sugary foods and more importantly it can help to reduce your stress levels.

And remember being active doesn’t have to mean a trip to the gym. A power walk, an exercise class, an at-home workout DVD all count towards a workout.





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