Top Tips For Flat Abs In Your Forties

I am often asked how to achieve a flat tummy. Its the goal for so many people irrespective of their age. We all want a slim midriff, a toned stomach that elusive six-pack.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most tricky areas to tighten and tone particularly over the age of 40. On average, women can gain up to 5 to 6lb between the ages of 43-54 and typically its the stomach area where we really start to notice a difference – lack of tone, weight gain and bloating – due to falling oestrogen levels,

I know a lot of women aren’t sure what they should or shouldn’t do in the pursuit of a toned core. Thanks to my 30 years experience I have picked out my top 7 tips to help you to achieve a flatter tummy.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

I know, you’ve probably heard this many times before, but its true. Drinking water really helps to flush out the system and can help to ease bloating.  Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. It’s also worth noting that water-based fruits such as watermelon and apples can also help to count towards your water intake.

2. Avoid Certain Foods

Unfortunately, some of your favorite foods can be detrimental to the pursuit of a flat stomach. Studies have shown that the following foods can be the main causes of weight gain around the stomach area. Try avoiding the following – Pastries, Sweets, Cakes and processed white flours are all no-gos as they encourage fat to be stored around the core area.

3. Avoid Salt

This is a big culprit in regards to weight gain around the midriff. If you suffer from bloating, which is very common over the age of 40, try cutting out salt (or lowering it as much as you can) If you naturally add salt to your food, try using herbs and spices instead. If you want to achieve a flatter tummy you need to ditch the salt

4. Alcohol

Yep. Your favorite tipple is not good for the tummy area either. When you drink alcohol your body stops burning fat. A lot of alcoholic drinks contain a huge amount of sugar and calories, and the biggest culprits are beer, cocktails and fizzy drinks. They all encourage fat to be deposited around the stomach area. Opt instead for lighter drinks or low-calorie mixers.

5. Fill Up On Fibre

Increasing your fiber intake can have a big impact on your stomach area. Fiber helps your body process waste and can reduce fat from the body. Fill up on wholegrain oats, berries, pears, melon, broccoli, carrots, beans, nuts, and seeds.

6. Exercise

Exercise is vital if you want to make a difference in how your stomach looks. Exercising in the right way can have a dramatic effect on the stomach area. Make sure you target the stomach in a variety of ways. Here is a small routine I often use to great effect (coupled with tip 7)

20 bicycle curls

20 plank knee tucks

20 scissor kicks

20 static hold sit-ups (with feet off the floor)

20-second static hold boat pose

7. Cardio

No amount of sit-ups is going to get you a flat tummy. If you want to make a difference in the stomach area you need to be doing some cardio. That doesn’t mean you have to go out for a run or enter a marathon. Just factor in some cardio into your routines (anything that increases your heart rate) couple this with your stomach exercises and you are on to a winner.




The 404040 Plan

The 404040 plan has no gimmicks, no fads, no burpees (thank goodness) and no lunging around the house like a crazy person. Instead, what you have is guided, challenging, achievable exercises that are easy to follow and that will make a difference to your body. Exercises that will look after your body while you work it. That will encourage you to challenge your body, in a safe way.

The 404040 plan looks after you. Its a plan that fits into your life. A plan that truly caters for 40 + market.

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