You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be

I know, it doesn’t always feel like that does it – I’m a little impatient to get to where I want to be to fulfill my work, life goals. However, today right now is the best place for you to start over, to begin again, to forge ahead. Today is the best place to be.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Sure, we all scan through our insta, facebook feeds and sigh at the ever-mounting pictures of ‘perfect’ days out, amazing fashion shots of the latest ‘must-have’ accessory. The endless makeup tutorials on the products that we have to buy to fight the signs of aging. And not forgetting the constant stream of ads with the latest invention, the must-have buy.  You find yourself feeling left out as if the whole world has this product and you dont.

It’s a natural human desire to compare.

But remember no one is sharing their down moments, their off days, their bad skin days, feeling like crap days. No One is sharing their failures.

Every single one of us has down days. Every human being has failed at something. So let’s just continue to swipe right and remember that these images are not real life and remember that not everyone has that “must have” product and even if the do, so what?


You Can’t Control Everything

Most of our worries or concerns are about the things that we cannot control, the things that are in the future. And yet we worry about them anyway – aging, our children becoming ill, our business failing, how to pay those bills and the list goes on.

Worry itself is steeped in fear and fear is the most debilitating emotion we can experience. It’s also a pointless emotion – unless we are running from a ferocious lion in the wild – worry is a thought process that lives in the future, not the present.

Turn your focus to the here and NOW. As The Secret book suggests – Remember To Remember. Bring your focus back to the present moment. Look around you, what can you see and hear, how do you feel right now.

If your worries continue to surround you, write them down, get them out of your head and onto paper. Then tear up that piece of paper and throw it away.


Don’t Ignore Your Health

We are all guilty of postponing health check-ups – that recent letter from the screening clinic, the check-up at the dentist, the optometrists, the smear test.

It’s imperative to keep on top of our health. Just a simple visit to your GP can help you to keep on top of your health, to screen for any potential problems. Okay, it’s not always convenient, particularly if we are feeling okay and our schedule is already busy. But it’s vital, particularly as we age.

The next time that letter drops through your mailbox, Don’t ignore it.

Turn Off Life

Gosh, I know I’m guilty of not keeping a good bedtime routine.  I prefer to scan through my feed, check out the latest Zara sale and generally immerse myself in the net. But how many times have we given ourself quiet time before bed, which doesn’t include screen time?

Did you know that the body craves a regular sleep cycle? Most of us try to binge sleep at the weekend, trying somehow to make up for lost sleep from the previous week. But you can’t bank sleep. It doesn’t work like that. 

Since I became a mum and turned 40 (actually turned 50) my sleep patterns have changed. I crave grown-up adult time in the evenings, sometimes at the expense of my sleep.

I binge watch episodes on Netflix (how good is Stranger Things) and catch up on the days events with my hubby. But, this disturbs my sleep and just creates a cycle of tiredness that I can’t always get out of. Arghh.

So what can we do? Carving out a little time before you go to bed, to press the pause button of life can work wonders – Switching off your phone, going to bed a reasonable hour each night. Practicing deep breathing exercises, running a hot bubble bath. Whatever suits you, whatever you find works for you. Do it. But make sure you dont bring your phone with you.

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