If you’re feeling a little run down, this smoothie recipe may be just what you need, Pear and Ginger Smoothie – rich in Vitamin C and packed full of immune-boosting ingredients. Perfect for those days when you feel yourself coming down with a cold or just feel a bit bler..

Okay, smoothies alone won’t fix a poor diet but they can make a good addition to your diet. Plus this is super easy to make and tastes delicious. If you struggle to consume 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and honestly most of us do. This simple home-made smoothie could be the answer.

If you’re not keen on pears you could use apples instead

You Will Need

1 Cup of spinach

1 Cup of Natural Greek Yoghurt

1 Pear, Sliced

One Piece of Ginger – Chopped Finely

Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Handful Of Ice



Add the ingredients to a blender and whizz together for 1 minute. If you prefer your smoothies without pulp, whizz for an extra 20 seconds. Served cold and enjoy.







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