While we all struggle with this very new way of life, our bodies and mind still need exercise to function well? So what can we do to stay active during self-isolation?

There are so many at-home workouts that you can do, alone or with the family. And remember they can help to boost the immune system and clear the mind – any activity is better than none at all. Here are a couple of my favourite at-home exercises.

I hope they help?

Stair Master

If you have stairs at home use them. They are an extremely effective way to maintain fitness. They help to elevate the heart rate and get the blood pumping around your body, boosting the endorphins (feel-good hormones) Try running up (then walking down the stairs) for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds then repeat as many times as you can.

Body Weight Exercises

Aim for at least 2/3 days of Strength exercises, these may include bodyweight exercises such as Press Up, Sit Ups and Planks. They are fantastic for keeping the body strong. Try to repeat each body-weight exercise for 3 sets of 15.

Dance Like No Ones Watching

Dancing is a fantastic stress reliever, plus it gets your heart pumping and your body moving. Pop on some of your favourite music, play it loud and just dance. Or join some of the Strictly Come Dancing Stars for their daily on-line dance classes – me and my little one love Oti Mabuse morning classes

Stretch It Out

Its so important, particularly now to keep the body as free from tension as we can. So many of us are sitting for long periods of time which causes stress on the hips and lower back. Try to incorporate stretching into your day. Put a timer on your phone, get up from your chair and stretch.

Try these super easy stretches

Chin Tucks

Spinal Rotations

Forward folds (Stood or Sat)

Wrist Circles

Downward Dog


Above all stay active. Keep the body move anyone that you can. We will get through this together.




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