Lunch Is On Me

Are you ever stuck for lunch ideas? I know I am. It’s a constant back and forth, what shall I have, what do I fancy, arghh I had that yesterday.

I was given this delicious and super healthy recipe by a very dear friend of mine and it remains one of my favorites. It’s so easy to create and its absolutely yummy. Plus it contains some wonderful healthy ingredients, particularly good if you suffer from inflammation and stress – who doesn’t post 40?

This recipe also came out tops in my 404040 Plan Trial members polls. Try it and see for yourself.

All the meals and snacks contained within the 404040 Healthy Eating Plan have their own nutritional lettering system. So you can see at a glance what health benefits are in each recipe.


Mackerel Pate – BS, SK, B, ST, I


2 smoked mackerel fillets

half a small tub of low-fat creme fraiche

1 small lemon

1 wholemeal pitta toasted



Flake the fish off its skin and into a bowl. Use a fork to mash gently. Add the creme fraiche and mix together slowly. Season with salt and pepper and the juice of one lemon.

In the meantime toast the pitta bread and cut into fingers. Serve with the pate.

Tip – You can substitute Mackerel for Salmon Or Trout.

Nutritional Benefits

BS – Blood Sugars

SK – Skin Health

B – Bone Support

ST – Stress

I – Inflammation


I hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know if you like it. And if you’re looking for some guidance with your healthy eating and exercise Click here

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