Amongst the chaos of life, it’s important to try and find some balance. We work on our bodies, look after our skin, nourish our hair, but can the same be said of our Mind?

The Buzzword

Recently mindfulness has been a very big buzzword – mindful food, mindful meditation, mindful classes, mindful courses, mindful parenting and the list goes on.

What is mindfulness? Let’s have a look at the word mindful and what it actually means

‘Mindful’ A technique to which one focuses ones full attention on, in the present.

Spinning Plates

To focus one’s attention on just one thing can be challenging. Most of us are spinning so many plates that it’s difficult to keep our focus, to direct our focus on just one particular thought, situation, in the present moment. The mind flits from past to future in rapid speed.

As a yoga teacher, I can switch to mindfulness very quickly when I am practicing, but the challenge comes when I step away from my Yoga mat and back into ‘normal’ life. That’s when mindfulness can be a little tricky to master. But it can be done. Here are my top 5 tips to create a mindful space.

Create A Gratitude Jar

This is a lovely way to bring our mind into the present moment.  I know, sometimes it’s a challenge to find a sense of gratitude when you feel bogged down with work, kids, and responsibility. But there is always something to be grateful for and the gratitude jar is an effective way to bring your mind into the present moment, to be thankful for what you have right now.

Each morning or evening write down 2 things that you are grateful for – you will probably find yourself scribbling more once you open that gratitude tank, but start off small. That jar will soon fill up. By honing in on what we are grateful for NOW can really help to shift our awareness.

Breath Deeply

Taking a few moments out of your day to focus on your breathing can alter your mood and mindset, literally. If you find yourself completely overwhelmed and cannot see the wood for the trees, sit down, close your eyes and breath slowly through your nose for the count of 4. Retain that breath then slowly exhale through the nose for 4. Practice this for 1 minute or until you start to feel your mind settling, your thoughts clearing and your body relaxing.

People Watching

Watching the world go by is a great way to enhance mindfulness. Go to your local coffee house and just sit and observe people going about their daily lives.  You will start to find that your thoughts are just white noise, they will start to lose their hold over you. They will become less intense as you direct your focus onto something or someone else.

Time Out

Press the pause button and do nothing for 10minutes, yep nothing, 10 whole minutes. Just sit and be. Observe everything around you, listen to your breath, listen to a calming piece of music and let your mind drift.

Practice Yoga

This is one of the things that works for me. Rolling out a mat and allowing the body and breath to flow simultaneously in a yoga practice is a reboot of the entire system. It is mindfulness at its best.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Yoga Guru. Just a few simple poses will begin to clear the mind.


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    2 replies to "What is Mindfulness – Top 5 Tips That Can Help You Find It"

    • James de Beresford

      Love this collection of mindfulness tips. Mindfulness is all the rage and I’ve read them ad nauseaum but there is a really nice balance here. If I might make a suggestion, baking bread is another worthwhile mindfulness activity and my own personal favourite is a game of kerplunk or climbing a difficult tree.

      • Niki Wibrow

        Hello James. Thank you for your kind comments. And yes, they are lovely suggestions. I also find a great book and a cup of tea quite mindful. It’s about finding what works for you.

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