Are Your Teeth Really Clean?

Okay, you’ve brushed your teeth but do they feel clean, in between the teeth clean. Squeaky clean? Total Oral Health Clean? Nah, Mine neither. So how do you achieve that sparkly clean feeling?

The Right Tools

I brush my teeth with a good toothbrush, toothpaste but I can’t really say that I look after my teeth as much as I do my skin? However when I hit my forties I started to experience a few problems, and it really made me reevaluate my cleaning regime. Was I using the right tools? Did I need to invest in something more effective than just a toothbrush?

Twenty-Somethings And Sparkly Teeth

Isn’t it funny you don’t really think about your teeth when you are in your twenties, you just munch away without a care in the world, teeth sparkling? It’s not until you encounter a problem that you really start to think about your teeth and whether you are doing enough to look after them.

So what constitutes good Oral Health? A good toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing every now and again, that’s basically as far as I thought it went. But. On a recent trip to my dentist, he asked me if I flossed regularly?

Yes, a bit, sometimes, not regularly. I’ve experimented with lots of different dental flosses but it’s so fiddly and time-consuming and to be honest it just ends up making my gums quite sore. So, no, it’s not something I do religiously, sorry Ravi (my dentist) Most people I know really dislike flossing too.

A Water Flosser?

My dentist suggested I try a water flosser? A water what? I had never heard of a water flosser but apparently its a great alternative to flossing and very effective.

Apparently, it uses H20 to blast away plaque in those tough to reach areas. It also claimed to be more beneficial than dental floss as it cleared the deeper pockets of plaque away? I was willing to give it a go.

Talk About Great Timing

One of the big producers of water flossers approached me and asked me to evaluate one of their products.  I, of course, said yes. What great timing.

I had no idea what to expect. I was surprised at how stylish the product was, it came in a handy travel case with two different pressure applicators and a charger. I was equally surprised at how effective it was, so much quicker to use than dental floss (once you got the hang of it) less time-consuming. There are different water pressures to suit your taste – I chose the soft setting as I found this easier on my teeth.

I will admit the first time I used it most of the water sprayed into my face – I hadn’t realized you needed to lean over the sink to floss Doh!! But it really did make a difference to how my mouth and teeth felt – super clean.  My top tip, use warmish water, cold water can aggravate sensitive teeth.

I will definitely be using this on a regular basis, its a great alternative to dental floss. You can enjoy a 30%discount when purchasing the water flosser by typing in the code RLSZEFYF at the checkout.

Check out the Hangsun Water Flosser here




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