What Does 404040 Mean?

If you have visited my social media recently you may have seen me using a collection of numbers, a particular sequence of numbers – 404040. So what is this repetition of numbers and what does it mean?

Welcome to my brand new online health and fitness plan – The 404040 plan

40 Exercises 40 Recipes Over 40 Days

Its a plan that I have been working on for the last 18 months. A plan that feels very special to me, almost a labor of love if you like. I truly believe it is a unique plan, let me explain why. It is specifically designed for ladies over the age of 40.

I am sure you are thinking okay, yet another online workout plan, there are hundreds out there. But this plan is different it has been solely created for the ‘mature’ market. All the recipes contained within the plan are rich in vitamins and minerals that will help with the natural ailments that occur as we age – headaches, lethargy, vitamin deficiencies, and the reduction of skin elasticity for example.

The workouts have been chosen and developed to help support and strengthen the body without putting adverse stress on the joints.

It is a plan that has been trialed by over 100 women with fantastic results.  I am proud to be the founder of the 404040 Plan.  It has grown and expanded into something much more than an online plan, it feels much more like a family affair or a community than a plan – Women united with common goals in mind, supporting, nurturing and inspiring each other to become the best version of themselves. But where and how did this all begin?

The birth of the 404040 Plan

One morning I sat at my computer researching some health and fitness information for a blog I was working on. This blog was entitled “Things To Let Go Of In Your Forties” I found myself googling everything to do with being 40, skincare, fashion and Health and Fitness. After all, I was 50 so it was my demographic.

I expected to stumble upon an array of information with regard to exercise and working-out in your 40’s and 50’s (after all this demographic of the population is one of the largest in the UK) so surely there was an abundance of articles, health information, and online workout plans available? I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Am I The Only One Looking?

As a woman of 51 – it still feels weird for me to say that as I certainly don’t feel like I’m over 50 – I’m certainly not past the point of wanting to shape up and look my best.  Surely if I was googling online plans for the over 40’s I couldn’t be the only one looking? Could I?

So why aren’t there an array of plans jumping out at me from my computer? Do you have to search for some hidden cryptic clue that I can’t find? Do you need to join some sort of club to be able to see such things? It seems it’s a mystery.

Jog On?

If you search for online plans there are a gazillion on the market but, and this is a big BUT (the only one you will see here) hardly any of them cater specifically for people over the age of 40. All the generic workout plans claim to cater to this demographic with statements such as;

“This plan caters for all ages and abilities. However, if your back or wrists hurt, come back to this exercise when you feel stronger.”

When you actually scratch the service they don’t actually cater for the more mature market at all. Instead, you seem to receive very vague information when joining up. And I also sat shaking my head with statements such as the following;

“Age is just a number you can join us, let’s jog and star-jump together” delivered enthusiastically by a 20 something girl in hot pants. I found myself muttering ‘Jog On Love’ under my breath as I haven’t worn hotpants since, well since forever really, and I don’t intend to start wearing them now in my fifties.

What is out there?

I want my workouts to be led by someone who knew what it was like to be close to my age, someone that I can relate to, someone who knows what it felt like to have achy joints, tight knees, and cellulite. Someone I could aspire to be like but not feel intimidated by…

I am fit and strong and its important to me to look after myself. Sure I may have a few more wrinkles than when I was in my twenties,  but I’m not old and don’t think of myself as old. I certainly don’t want to be doing HIIT routines, which can be hard on older joints if performed on a regular basis.

I also don’t want to pound the streets for hours to end up with ice packs on my sore knees. But I DO want to exercise and I want to workout, so what’s available for me and thousands of others like me?

Get Out of My Way!

I decided to try one more search. This time I stumbled upon the ‘Repetition Plan’ (actually it wasn’t called that but it should be). Endless repetitions of exercises with, you guessed it, 20 something girls jumping around in the snow, or by the ocean. Wearing their hot pants.

Why are all these plans led by younger girls? No offense girls, you look fantastic, but I will never look like you. I want to look like me, just the best version of me (without the hot pants).

‘Just repeat these exercises 50 times’ said one instructor. How many? Er, no thank you I’ve got stuff to do.

Who wants to do 50 squats or 50 walking lunges back-to-back? My lounge isn’t big enough for one, plus I can’t think of anything more efficient at putting me off exercising for good. Also, I’m sure my family don’t want to try and avoid colliding with some mad woman lunging around the house while they cook dinner.

Lightbulb Moment

I looked up from my computer and turned to my husband and I said “Why are there no plans out there for people over the age of 40? Why has it taken me over 20 minutes to not find an online plan that caters for my age group?”

He looked up at me and said “You always get asked about what you do to stay in shape. Why don’t you create your own online plan? You look great for your age, so let people know what you do to stay fit” – Lightbulb Moment. Thanks, Hubby.

He was right. If I couldn’t find an online plan for my demographic I should create my own. I could open up my life and share all the exercises that I had adopted and created. All those gems that I continue to follow to stay in shape and that had kept me injury free for over 30 years.

40 Exercises 40 Recipes 40 Days

No burpees, no lunges, no hot pants.

Become The Best Version Of You

I have felt and still feel in the best shape of my life since I turned 40 and I want to encourage others to feel the same. I’m proud to say that I am 51 and will happily tell anyone that will listen.

It’s fair to say I am body confident which in turn gives me confidence on a day to day basis. So why not share my knowledge with as many ladies as I can to encourage them to become the best version of themselves too, through healthy eating and sensible and interesting exercise.

The 404040 Family

Since I released The 404040 Plan in December 2017, it has grown into much more than just an online plan. I now offer subscription clubs, support networks, 404040 merchandise, health and fitness blogs, and healthy eating plans. Many clients stick around upon completion the 40 Days, mainly to maintain the support network from both myself and other Plan users. The whole thing has developed into a supportive family.

The plan is continuing to grow. We now have over 200 ladies on board and I am so proud to have developed something that resonates with so many ladies out there. And not a pair of hot pants in sight…


Discover the 404040 Plan for yourself https://www.404040plan.co.uk


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